Psycho-Social Behavior of the Child Diabetes Diagnosed in the Favorite Family and Placement Center

  • Cristina Ștefanescu
Keywords: development; psychological impact; pre-adolescence; hospital, diabetes


We present the psychosocial behavior of a 10-year-old girl who was diagnosed with type 1
diabetes at the age of 5. It comes from an underprivileged family, having four older siblings and being
neglected by parents. Her mother left to work abroad and her father worked temporarily in the village
where they lived. Recently the father died. He arrived at the Emergency Clinic Hospital for Galati
Children countless times, with a long history of hospitalizations. The girl took advantage of the disease
to escape school and poverty at home. At the hospital she received hot food and befriended children of
her age. He refused to eat for a day, which deliberately caused him to be hospitalized and hospitalized.
The girl is insulin dependent. When he met with the clinical psychologist he demonstrated emotional
immaturity, lack of cooperation and showed no trace of regret that his father died. Meanwhile, the
mother agreed to let the child go to a placement center. After arriving at the placement center where he
made friends, the number of admissions decreased and the girl was no longer absent from school.