The Incidence of Drug Consumption in Adolescents

  • Mariana Filimon
Keywords: adolescents; drug use; entourage; addiction; social phenomenon


Drug use, nicknamed “white death” is considered a social phenomenon, which has grown in
recent years in our country and is difficult to stop at this time. The most vulnerable categories are the
students and the students, included in the groups aged 15-25 years. In the psychological profile of the
young consumer, neurotic features, affective dependence, frustration intolerance, separation anxiety,
isolation and affective dependence, irritability, timidity and hypersensitivity dominate. There are many
causes that push young people towards drug use such as: curiosity, temptation, desire for strong
feelings, boredom, disorientation, loneliness, lack of friends, death of a loved one, personal problems,
family disruption etc.