Particularities of Personality and Socio-Affective Behavior in Children with Mental Disabilities

  • Ecaterina Popa
Keywords: child; mental impairment; personality; behavior; particularities; affectivity


Abstract: The personality structure of the mentally deficient child presents fundamental differences
from that of the normal child. In the present article “Particularities of personality and socio-affective
behavior in the mentally handicapped” the emphasis is placed on the personality model, personality
disorders, as well as the affective processes in the mentally handicapped child. Unlike the intellectually
normal child, the mentally deficient child does not present those gradual and successive passages, that
plasticity and mobility from one process to another. In addition to the quantitative differences, there are
qualitative differences between children with mental deficiency and normal children, with a negative
impact on the process of adaptation and integration in the community