The Synergy of the Strategy and the Targets on Water and Sanitation


  • Mandita Cristea


strategy; water and sanitation; global objectives; synergy


The integration of sustainable development objectives in national development strategies
and regulations to achieve Agenda of the year 2030, are the necessary means to the effective
implementation of the 17 targets in a balanced way.In this paper, we have summarized the analysis of
the Strategy for water supply and sanitation for 2014-2028 and to the National Development Strategy
“Moldova-2030” in view of the integration of the Objective of Sustainable Development, no. 6 –
“clean Water and sanitation”, the implementation of which depends on: the reduction of poverty, the
ensuring of a healthy diet, the decrease in the rate of mortality and ill-health, access to energy
resources and economic growth, adequate housing, sustainable communities. The research is based on
the reports, the guidelines, the findings and recommendations developed in the framework of the
project “Nationalization of the Agenda and the Sustainable Development of the Republic of
Moldova”, a continuing study and analysis of the Strategy for water supply and sanitation National
Strategy “Moldova, 2030” in order to identify the achievement of the synergies Target for the
Development of the long-Lasting. 6, with the other goals and targets of the global. The methods of
empirical analysis to reveal aspects of the blurry of a sustainable solution to the problems, while the
criticism of the conclusions drawn can be used and further developed in future studies as a reference
concept on the development of sectoral policies, strategies and plans of action.