Termination of Obligation Relationships According to the Will of the Parties, Under the Law on Obligation Relationships of Kosovo


  • Mimoza A. Aliu


Establishing Obligations; Fulfilment; Renewal; Confounding; Expiration of Time


The establishment of relationship of obligations is the commitment of free and legal will in
their fulfilment. In this way voluntary and law-based relations are realized voluntarily, ensuring that
the obligations and the economic relations are developed and strengthened, and on the other hand,
judicial proceedings are eliminated. The fact that for a long period of time, civil legal relations in
Kosovo due to their unification with the code have resulted in disputes of different nature with which
the judicial, arbitral and notary systems are faced. However, the issuance of the Law on Obligation
Relationships is one of the great achievements in favour of especially relations of obligations, as well
as of civil ones in general. In this paper, the purpose is the legal analysis of the voluntary termination
of the relationships of obligations according to the Law on Obligation Relationships in Kosovo.