Criminal Liability of an Juvenile Offender


  • Aurel Octavian Pasat Universitatea "Danubius" Galati


Crime, juvenile, criminal liability, coercive measures


The extent of crime among minors, especially the criminal offenses they commit through the use of aggressive forms, has led to the correction, education and, last but not least, the application of coercive measures in relation to them, in order to stalled the criminal phenomenon among the young generations. Criminal liability, an inevitable consequence of the violation of the rules of law, includes all provisions regarding the enforcement of Criminal Code. In the process of finding and committing criminal liability in the case of the minor offender, however, there are a number of peculiarities, which directly influence both the establishment of the criminal capacity and the completion of the sanctioning mode, appearances that differentiate the type of attitude to be applied to children who commit crimes in correlation with adults. Thus, the object of the paper is to establish the differences between the provisions of the criminal legislation of Romania and the Republic of Moldova, regarding the criminal liability of the minor in order to ensure a perfect normative framework. The inherent purpose of this study is to highlight the particularities of the criminal liability of the minor by analyzing the normative acts, identifying the methods and means to be applied to the juvenile offenders, as well as the submission of the assumptions of the Ferenda law.


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