Who has Created the Work?

Albanian Legal Framework and Cases on False Attribution of Authorship

  • Ergysa Ikonomi Law Department, "Ismail Qemali" University of Vlora
Keywords: authorship, the right of attribution, false attribution, disclaim, right of integrity


The act of creating a work is often described like the birth of a child, which naturally establishes a unique affiliation relationship between the author and his work, legally known as the right of attribution.

The paper aims to clarify if the Albanian right of attribution “contains” the sub right to disclaim authorship through analyzing the right of attribution provided by the new Albanian Law on Author’s Rights and how it is claimed in court.

The paper will also explain the ways false attribution can infringe two most distinguished author’s rights: the right of attribution and the right of integrity and will highlight the difficulties to protect them through long and high-cost litigation process.



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