The Level of Adoption of Web-Based Business Reporting in Selected Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria


  • Hussain Adedayo Salaudeen


Web Based Business Reporting; level of Adoption; exploration variables; XBRL


Reporting via the internet or web has gained popularity and acceptance in the advanced world
but the same cannot be said of developing economies .The study therefore examined the level of
adoption of web-based reporting practices among selected listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria. The
population for the study consist of all 90 manufacturing firms listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange
(NSE). Forty five (45) firms were purposively selected. Structured questionnaire was the instrument
used in sourcing primary data. The data was analyzed using Principal Component Analysis (PCA). The
results showed that the listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria are exploring the possibility of using or
adopting fully web-based reporting. The exploration variables has the highest Eigen values of
4.4297784 and 2.0077 among the extracted components. The study however, recommended that law
should be enacted to compel companies to adopt web based reporting and that companies should be
encouraged to employ Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) in reporting.






Business Administration and Business Economics