Entrepreneurship within the Circular Economy and the Role of Information and Communication Technologies


  • Adrian Petre


circular economy; entrepreneurship; information technologies; sustainability


This scientific article aims to highlight the importance of the transition from the linear
economy to the circular economy and the business opportunities that can be developed based on the
principles of this new type of economy. At the same time, the paper tries to determine the role of ICT’s
in developing such innovative and sustainable long-term entrepreneurial initiatives. Based on an
empirical analysis, the results of the research showed that the circular economy produces positive
effects on the medium and long term both from an economic point of view, as well as for the
environment and health. Also, the results showed that Romania is at the beginning in the process of
transition to the circular economy and it takes time, financing, regulations and state support for
companies that have or want to start businesses based on certain strategies specific to the circular
economy. On the other hand, the exhibitions in this scientific paper have shown that digital technologies
are one of the main pillars that stands up the development of an innovative and inclusive long-term
entrepreneurial initiative.






Business Administration and Business Economics