SMEs an Economic Outlook


  • Aziz Nebih Rexhepi
  • Besarta Rexhepi
  • Arbresha Meha
  • Njazi Halili


management; motivation; business; human resources; process


In the event of time outside the southeast and west of Kosovo, the SME was replaced by
the drivers of economic development.Its economic development is the framework for political and
economic macroeconomics, and the state secret lies in the development of SMEs. This is the first part
of the truth, while the latter is simpler, SMEs' philosophy depends on entrepreneurs and management.
in promoting and developing SMEs, new management salvage attempts, WoodThis includes the
effective management of software, software, software, structures, people and resources as well as
control stations with control. This process reviews the combination of common sense and power, the
ability, the need risks and the specific knowledge in planning, organization, coordination, motivation
and control as well as the organization and the mission. Nutz. the more effective and efficient.One of
the main tasks of managers is to motivate and inspire people, and to create vision and create new
challenges, where motivation is something that works in a person to bring himself to the best. Goaloriented,
mother for the family and the company in which we work, goes well


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Business Administration and Business Economics