The Role of Integrated Promotional Strategies in Aiding the Success of SMMEs in the Retail Sector in Durban.


  • Norman Mahohoma Durban University of Technology
  • A.T Agbenyegah


The success of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in Durban's retail sector is crucial for both the local economic vitality and community engagement. Despite this importance, these enterprises often struggle with maintaining visibility and competitiveness. However, there is a solution in the form of integrated promotional strategies, which bring together different marketing channels to deliver a coherent message to the target audience. To further understand the impact of these strategies, this study aims to delve into their role in the success of retail SMMEs in Durban. 217 owner-managers of retail SMMEs in Durban provided data using self-administered questionnaires with a 5-point Likert scale, resulting in 88% response rate. Analysing the data using a variety of descriptive and inferential methods, we utilised the statistical software SPSS Version 29. The results displayed an overall agreement among respondents regarding the effectiveness of integrated promotional strategies such as sales promotion, branding, digital marketing, and social media. However, respondents had divided opinions on the effectiveness of public relations, email communication, and telemarketing. In conclusion, it was evident that integrated promotional strategies play a crucial role in the success of retail small and medium enterprises (SMMEs) in Durban by boosting visibility, strengthening brand recognition, and fostering customer engagement. Through the implementation of personalised and cohesive promotional strategies, SMMEs can better navigate the competitive market and ultimately attain long-term growth and success.


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