Impact of the Pandemic Covid-19 on Kosovo Businesses

  • Besnik Livoreka
  • Artan Haziri Pjeter Budi College
Keywords: Covid-19, Bankruptcy, Pandemic, Businesses


The research tends to identify the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, on economic life and
businesses in Kosovo. Which was the effect of the isolation measure, business closures, reduced
working hours, and the other government measures in business and economic life in Kosovo.
The data for this scientific paper were collected through an online questionnaire which was compiled
in order to extract first-hand data and then based on the analysis to show and present scientific data on
how the pandemic has affected economic life. After the completion of the work, we will try to give a
new overview of how we have reacted as a state to this extraordinary situation to maintain economic
health, how it has affected businesses, which types of businesses have been less affected, which types
of businesses will come out of the industry, what types of businesses will change activity, what types
of businesses will thrive.


Aldasoro, Iñaki, Ingo Fender, Bryan Hardy, and Nikola Tarashev. 2020. Effects of Covid-19 on the
banking sector: the market’s assessment, BIS Bulletin no. 12, May 7.
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