The Rainbow between the GeoGebra Platform and the New Innovative Digital Education Era


  • Valerian Antohe Danubius University of Galati


GeoGebra; educational; platform; innovation; digital didactics


The development of information technology has radically changed our way of living, of communicating with the others, of transferring the information. In the future, it is expected that the role of computers in our life become essential. Any student will have to master this field to achieve easily what he wishes. In a new paradigm of learning, one strategy can start with a come-back to any selective tasks of learning proposed to be resolved some time ago and reconsidered by using the new platforms or dedicated software. The old stages of any geometry problem could be: "Draw, build, unite, and investigate properties, change shape and size.  Properties remain the same. Why?  Can you formulate the theorem from this investigation? A last, prove it rigorously!". The experience should not only be lived but shared. With any of these actions, any paradigm of teaching-learning can develop up to the new superior stage. To be useful in this technology of teaching-learning, any software must be dynamic in time and to accept his own development base in his daily using. GeoGebra it is an example of this kind of software-platform which connect people and their Edu-actions and the development of the new technologies of learning.

Author Biography

Valerian Antohe, Danubius University of Galati

Associate Lecturer, PhD


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