Innovative Teaching of Physics in the Digital Technology Era


  • Gabriela Tudor Calistrat Hogas National College of Tecuci


Physics; innovative teaching; digital skills; modern education


Digital technology has been gradually introduced into the Romanian education system in recent decades, with reluctance and hesitant steps at first, but with growing confidence and enthusiasm nowadays, leading to promising results in the future. Open educational resources illustrate that physics, a practical science par excellence, can study real-world phenomena in a creative and active way, using virtual tools. In this paper we illustrate the multiple possibilities and options that digital resources can offer to the physics teacher and highschool students. We also present some of our own contributions to modernizing physics lessons, emphasizing the importance of digital skills as integral part of learning.


Suport de curs - Modulul 3 - Strategii de intervenție educațională în context blended – learning pentru programul de formare continuă PROF IV - Coaching în procesul de predare-învățare-evaluare în context blended-learning acreditat prin OME nr.4740/19.08.2022 platformelor-e-learning-in-predare-invatare.pdf




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