Agriculture and Employment Creation: Evidence from Nigeria


  • Chidinma Edith Ebere Babcock University
  • J. O. Ajibola Babcock University
  • A. B. Onakoya Babcock University


Agriculture; Employment; Valued Added; Nigeria


In this study, an investigation has been made regarding nexus between agriculture and generated employment in Nigeria from 1990 to 2019, utilizing Dynamic Ordinary Least Squares. The summary of findings in this study could be stated as follows; agricultural value added (AVA) and rate of unemployment had a positive relationship which is significant at 10% level of significance in Nigeria. Government expenditure on agriculture and rate of unemployment had a significant positive relationship in Nigeria. Inflation rate (INF) and exchange rate (EXR) showed a positive and significant impact on unemployment except foreign direct. By and large, it could be submitted that agriculture did not contribute to employment generation in Nigeria. In view of the above findings, this recommendation is made for the Nigerian policy makers, revamping of agriculture via massive investment in this sub sector of the economy is urgently needed in Nigeria before it could ensure employment generation in the country.

Author Biographies

Chidinma Edith Ebere, Babcock University

Department of Economics

J. O. Ajibola, Babcock University

Department of Economics

A. B. Onakoya, Babcock University

Department of Economics


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