Countering Fraud to the Financial Interests of the European Union through Enhanced Cooperation


  • Andrei Pantea University of European Studies of Moldova
  • Serghei Pantea


Justice, criminal proceedings, prosecution, European Public Prosecutor’s Office, Europol, Eurojust


This paper targets to address key issues related to the cooperation between the bodies of
the European Union to counter the challenges associated with the financial interests of the Union, as
well as the interaction of the Union through its bodies to achieve the goals that were set up through
enhanced cooperation on one hand, and on the other hand, the relationship of the Union through its
investigative bodies with third countries. The paper can be perceived as a continuation of the previous
and ongoing research dedicated to the subject of the emergence of transnational justice to counter
fraud and corruption. The paper aims to foresee and essentially clarify issues pertinent to such kind of
challenges, as well as to contribute to the achievement of the practical goals that are followed with the
setting of the enhanced cooperation initiatives.


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