The Future of University: Technology and Critical Issues of Importance to Higher Education Leaders


  • Steve O. Michael Danubius University of Galati


higher education


The increasing demand demonstrates the growing relevance of college education for college degrees across the globe and the increasing preference of employers for the college-educated.  The future of university or higher education will be influenced by technology, which proved to be the sine qua non-institutional response to the COVID-19 pandemic that forced communities to shelter in place.  Has the Pandemic changed higher education attitudes to technology adoption forever?  While it may be too early to conclude, there is little doubt that the future of higher education will be influenced significantly by technology.  Beyond technology, a number of critical issues is discussed.  The degree to which institutions survive and thrive in the near future will depend on how much their leadership attends to these vital challenges. 

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Steve O. Michael, Danubius University of Galati

Professor of Higher Education Management, Rector and Chief Executive Officer







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