National Component in the Onomastic Nomination of the Ukrainian Danube Region


  • Nataliia Koltsun Izmail State University of Humanities


onyms; multiculturalism, polyethnicity; onomastic system; appellative vocabulary; etymology


The article will consider the features of functioning, principles and methods of creating proper nouns, their models and etymology, factors that influenced the formation of the modern onymic space of the multinational Ukrainian Danube region.

Taking into account the interaction of the main regional languages, among which the Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and Romanian languages occupy significant positions,the analysis of the multicultural basis of the onomastic system in the south of Odessa region will make it possible to visually illustrate the national landscape of the Dniester-Danube interfluve.


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To the birthday of the Odessa region: who named the cities and villages of the region?




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