Survey of Text Mining Research Methods and Their Innovative Applicability


  • Mihaela Chistol
  • Mirela Danubianu Stefan cel Mare University


Text Mining Techniques; Classification; Clustering; Information Retrieval; Innovative Applications


Humans are social beings who feel a strong need for communication. From the earliest times, the exchange of information was based on primary skills such as sight and speech. Thus, at the beginning of the 20th century, a famous phrase was uttered that claims that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In the contemporary world, this phrase is no longer appropriate because with the discovery of the World Wide Web the textual revolution began. While digitalization continues at light speed, the need to process huge amounts of generated text resources is felt even more strongly. Therefore to solve the crisis of information overload, text mining is used, which is a new and interesting area of computer science research. This paper presents a methodological and conceptual theory of text mining along with the main methods behind it. Following an in-depth examination of the literature, the study shows the fundamental directions of text mining research such as classification, clustering, and information retrieval. In addition, the article presents state-of-the-art applications that implement the concept of text mining to solve problems in the real world.


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