False Reporting


  • Bogdan Bîrzu Danubius University of Galati


Offense; objective side; subjective side


In this paper I have tried to briefly examine some aspects regarding the crime of false declaration, a crime whose content was recently completed, in 2020 by Government Emergency Ordonnance  no. 28/2020.

In the analysis we took into account the objective side and the subjective side of the crime with references to the recent jurisprudence of the Romanian courts, as well as to the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court in this matter.

I also referred to the other provisions that criminalize this act, provisions that are found in some special laws with criminal provisions, emphasizing the need to apply them in judicial practice.

The novelties concern the examination carried out as well as the frequent references to the recent judicial practice.

The paper is part of a university course to be published this year at a publishing house in the country.

Given the way it is based, the paper can be useful for students of the country's faculties, as well as law practitioners.


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