The Perception of Employees on the Mandatory Pension Savings in Case of Kosovo


  • Besime Mustafi Teaching Professor


Pension system; PAYGO; financial stability; Kosovo citizens


The stability of pension fund is very important for social welfare in general and for a
sustainable economic development in particular. The main purpose of this study is to analyse the
perception of employees on the mandatory pension savings in the case of Kosovo. Examining local and
international literature, the method used in this study is the online questionnaire with a sample of 300
respondents employed in the private and public sector. The collected data were processed and tested
through the IBM SPSS program where the descriptive analysis, frequencies, the cross-tabulation tables,
Pearson correlation and Chi-Square test are used and presented in the study. The paper concludes that
employees, regardless of age, the level of education and the sector in which they work, do not have any
perception related mandatory pension savings in general. The result of Chi-Square Test also proves that
the variables under analysis respondents’ level of education and their perception to the right of the state
to compulsory pension are not related to each other. The paper comes with some others conclusions
and recommendations based on research findings.


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