Regionalisms in Valentina Silantyeva’s Stories “Vilkovo Childhood”

  • Olha Shykyrynska Izmail State University of Humanities
Keywords: regionalisms; lexeme; realities; exoticisms; local identity


The article deals with the research of regional peculiarities of the language and speech of the
residents of Vilkovo based on Valentina Silantyeva’s collection of short stories “Vilkovo Childhood”
(2013). The significance of regional lexemes, connected with the name of some realities of household
activities, toponyms and hydronyms, is analyzed. Regionalisms are the part of local cultural code and
define the peculiarities of local identity.

Author Biography

Olha Shykyrynska, Izmail State University of Humanities

Senior Lecturer, PhD


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Local Communities-Diachrony and Synchrony