Vocabulary of the Orthodox Church in Cross-cultural Communication

  • Tetyana Shyliaeva Izmail State University of Humanities
Keywords: borrowing; orthodox culture; realia; ways of translation; xenonym


The article deals with the translation problems in the process of rendering the vocabulary of
the Orthodox Church in English cross-cultural communication. Life stories of Saint Anna of Kashin,
who is especially revered by the Old Believers or “Lipovans” of the Danube region, were used as the
study material. The observation method showed that the most widely used ways of rendering the
Orthodox church vocabulary are transcription and transliteration, loan translation and half-calques.
Descriptive explaining is often used to clarify the meaning of the unknown realia. The paper contributes
to the development of cross-cultural studies. The results can be used in training translators and

Author Biography

Tetyana Shyliaeva, Izmail State University of Humanities

Senior Lecturer, PhD


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Local Communities-Diachrony and Synchrony