Preparing Students for the Development of Musical Talent of the Child in the Process of Vocal and Choral Activity

  • Zhanna Sirotkina Izmail State Humanitarian University
  • Lyudmila Chebotar Izmail State Humanitarian University
Keywords: student; musical talent; child; vocal and choral work; musical talent development


In the new socio-economic conditions of the development of our society, the problem of
studying children’s giftedness has become one of the priority research areas. Talent in different areas
manifests itself in certain age periods. According to many observations, the talent for museums and fine
arts can manifest itself much earlier than the giftedness to other activities. Musical giftedness is one of
the special types of giftedness. This can occur in children even in preschool age. Musical talent is
characterized by the presence of musicality. We decided to study how vocal and choral activities will
influence the development of a child’s musical talent.

Author Biographies

Zhanna Sirotkina, Izmail State Humanitarian University

Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Department of Music and Fine

Lyudmila Chebotar, Izmail State Humanitarian University

Lecturer of the Department of Musical and Fine Arts


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