Historical Being in the Poetic Reception by S. A. Tuchkov

  • Tatyana Savoskina Izmail State University of Humanities
Keywords: historical being; ode; military battles; victorious hero; solemn style


The question of the poetic reflection of the lively socio-historical practice of Tuchkov, the
military commander and founder of the Izmail - city, is considered in this article by his verses of various
genres. Poetic works dedicated to the military and political events of the 18- th and 19-th centuries,
creating an epic panorama of past epochs with their value-cultural, ideological and political priorities
are analyzed here. Attention is focused on the thoughts of the lyrical subject, his reflective development
of historical material in the paradigm of the odic traditions of Russian literature.

Author Biography

Tatyana Savoskina, Izmail State University of Humanities

Associate Professor, PhD


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Local Communities-Diachrony and Synchrony