Artistic Phenomenon of the Danube Poet Vladimir Reva

  • Lyudmila Reva-Lievshakova Izmail State University of Humanities
Keywords: poetry of Bessarabia; poet Vladimir Reva; poetry of the Danube region


The article deals with the artistic phenomenon of the famous poet Bessarabia Vladimir Reva.
The material of the study was the poetry of seven collections of the author, published in different years.
A peculiar analysis of artistic and literary features and creative ideas that the author embodied in his
poetic works is offered.

Author Biography

Lyudmila Reva-Lievshakova, Izmail State University of Humanities

Associate Professor, PhD


Reva, V. (2005). Seven stars/Семизір’я. Измаил: СМИЛ, p. 320.
Reva, V. (2014). Stumbling blocks/Каміння спотикання. Ізмаїл: СМИЛ, p. 104.
Local Communities-Diachrony and Synchrony