Terminological Distinctions in Translation

  • Ana-Maria Mangher (Chitac) Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
Keywords: text; discourse; genre; text type; text typology


This paper examines some basic theoretical concepts in order to identify a few useful aspects
in the translation of medical texts. The main aim of this work is to introduce different textual typologies
from the perspective of some well-known linguists and translation scholars such as: Anna Trosborg,
Basil Hatim, Ian Mason, Albrecht Neubert, Katharina Reiss, and to establish the way in which textual
typology influences the translation of the medical\pharmaceutical texts which represents the subject of
my doctoral research. This will be done starting from the assumption that a text type allows the
translator to recognize the function and purpose of the text as well as the author’s intention. Thus, the
translator will inevitably resort to different techniques and strategies in order to successfully render the
source text into the target language.We will define terms such as: text, discourse, genre, text type and
text typology, identifying and explaining the relationships between these concepts and their implication
for translation.

Author Biography

Ana-Maria Mangher (Chitac), Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

PhD in progress, Doctoral School of Philological Studies


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