Developing the Entrepreneurial and Digital Skills by Capitalising Blended Teaching ICT-Methods in Higher Education


  • Irina Todos
  • Ludmila Roșca-Sadurschi
  • Svetlana Bîrlea
  • Ana Nedelcu


entrepreneurship competence; students survey; curriculum adjusting


The aim of this paper is to find ways of improving the entrepreneurial curriculum through
an analysis of the master students’ satisfaction level related to entrepreneurship and digital skills. In
this context, the following objectives were formulated: carrying out a content research on digital
environment; conducting satisfaction surveys for target group; performing critical analysis of surveys’
results; identifying the strengths and weakness of Cahul State University in entrepreneurial education.
The different types of questions were applied: demographic, rating scale and multiple-choice questions.
The Likert-type scales were used for rating scale questions. The surveys’ results reveal that the major
part of students’ skills is still underdeveloped. In this context, the authors recommend adjusting the
curriculum design by including the formation of attitudes related to job in forming skills and
competences and by diversifying teaching strategies (more interactive and collaborative) and learning
methods. Students have to be frequently trained how to work efficiently in groups, how to behave in
crisis situation, to think and solve problems creatively. Furthermore, digital skills have to be developed
deeply by using in teaching and learning process during all courses by creating and using different
digital resources and formats.


This research is conducted within the ReSTART project “Reinforce entrepreneurial
and digital skills of students and teachers to enhance the modernization of higher
education in MOLDOVA”, Project No. 585353-EPP-1-2017-1-RO-EPPKA2-
CBHE-JP, as a part of Erasmus+ Programme 2014-2020, KA2 – Cooperation for
innovation and the exchange of good practices, Capacity Building in the field of
Higher Education.




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