Matrimonial Property Agreement – Importance and Role in Current Society


  • Liliana Niculescu University Dunărea de Jos of Galati


Matrimonial contract; family; marriage; matrimonial property regime; goods


In recent years, more and more frequent, problems arise in the face of citizens in defending
property rights, including in family relations. A civilized way of regulating the property relationships
between spouses during or in the event of marriage is the matrimonial contract or the matrimonial
property agreement, also known as a prenuptial contract. Although it is still viewed with scepticism,
like many of the novelties that surprise today’s society, the matrimonial property agreement is a legal
act whose effects are still perceived with restraint by the majority of couples in Romania. Often
considered a conditioning of love when one partner proposes to the other such a Convention, this
institution makes a smooth, but safe way in the mentality of those who want to formalize their
relationship, or even those they have been already united for many years of marriage. In order to be
able to emphasize the importance of regulating this institution, a matrimonial property agreement
approach is needed, taking into account the legal principles governing it, its legal character and the
specific scope of the agreement.

Author Biography

Liliana Niculescu, University Dunărea de Jos of Galati

Assistant Professor, PhD, Faculty of Social and Political Legal Sciences


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