Socio-Economic System Evaluation of Ukrainian Black Sea


  • Kateryna Glubochenko
  • Liudmyla Nazarova
  • Tatiana Porudeyeva


regional differentiation; socio-economic differentiation; regional inequalities; regional socio-economic development; Ukraine


The main idea of the paper is to offer a method of effectiveness analysis of regional socioeconomic
system management in Ukraine. This study develops evaluation criteria for the assessment
of intraregional differentiation of Ukrainian Black Sea regions. The goal of the research is to reveal the
algorithm of the regional socio-economic system evaluation in order to find out the direction of
necessary managerial strategy for a region. This was implemented via such methods as comparative
analysis, interpretation of statistical indices of regional effectiveness, and structural analysis. The
research results reveal that a chosen system of indicators forms a method to evaluate six levels (four
zones) of effectiveness of regional socio-economic system management in Ukraine. Considering
agriculture, food industry, pharmaceuticals, light industry, and tourism as the basic industries of the
regions, the industrial structure of the regional socio-economic system of Ukrainian Black Sea regions
in the context of its modernization according to the offered method was developed.




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Glubochenko, K. ., Nazarova, L. ., & Porudeyeva, T. . (2020). Socio-Economic System Evaluation of Ukrainian Black Sea: Array. Journal of Danubian Studies and Research, 9(2). Retrieved from



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