The Effects of Occupational Stress on Physical Health and Mental Health of Employees


  • Paula-Petrica Manolache


stress; stressors; stress management; occupational stress


At present, stress has become a widespread phenomenon. Stress is seen as a response to a
situation in which individuals are unable to meet the requirements required of them. Stress management
is the combination of art with the science of effectively managing situations that may lead or have
already led to stress. Stress makes the individual physically and mentally ill as follows: decreases the
ability to concentrate and make effective decisions. Stress is part of our daily lives. Until we learn to
recognize it and avoid its consequences, it often affects our state of mind, but especially our health.
Stress factors are encountered both in the daily life of the individual and in his psychological
environment. In general, the sources of stress can be divided into three main groups. Researchers need
to continue to study how many of the occupational stressors in the work environment affect employees.


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