School Integration of Children Diagnosed with Liminal Intellect


  • Doinita Popa


empathic level; teachers; students with CES; education


By mental deficiency we mean, in general, a mental illness that leads to the loss, for a short
time, for a longer period or all, of the psychic structures of man, thus diminishing his ability to adapt to
the many transformations of the environment. and how to spend time with other people in the
community. Boundary intellect is a mild form of mental disability, with an IQ of 80-90 and is between
normal and impaired. Specific for liminal intellect is a stagnation in the assimilation of knowledge at
the age of 10-12 years, which leads to school failure. Who takes care of these children from the educator
to the school principal. The decision on integration is established according to each child, who is
evaluated by a specially formed commission, is issued a certificate with a degree of disability and is
oriented towards a certain form of education, following the certificate of school and professional


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