Communication in the Family


  • Cecilia Olteanu Danubius University of Galati


communication; child; family environment; parents; affective relationships


The mission of communication, we can agree, is obvious, however, the simple possession of
the language is insufficient for talking with another person. Young children tend to assume that others
understand them, starting from the fact that they understand themselves; often, they are not aware that
their message is inappropriate and therefore become frustrated if what they say makes no sense to the
listener. The non-cognitive factors that influence this period are mainly: motivation for school learning,
emotional stability, self-confidence, the attitude of others towards the child who reads. One of the
essential results of the affective relationships between the child and his parents, or the adults who have
the role for them, it is the birth of the moral feelings specific to the duty of conscience. The talk of
adults with children is very different from that addressed to other adults. This is not only about saying
it, but also about how it is said. The family environment needs to be conducive, in the form of a safe
home, regulated by simple rules. In the training context, priority is given to the informative dimension,
the child must be helped to distinguish well from bad.

Author Biography

Cecilia Olteanu, Danubius University of Galati

Student, 2 year , Faculty of Communication and International Relations, Specialization Psychology


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