Study on Balancing the Centers of Consciousness in Sonoluminescent Therapy


  • Ionel Mohirta


Crownscopy; bioelectrography; centers of consciousness; quantum psych diagnosis


The normal functioning of an organism depends on certain structures called chakras in
oriental therapies and which were called by Carl Gustav Jung the centers of consciousness (1). The role
of these centers is vital to human life. Sonoluminescent therapy includes several techniques for healing
the human personality through sound and light, including the chakra balancing technique. The paper
aims to establish the effect of the chakra balancing technique on some indicators obtained by measuring
with the help of the crownscope, such as: the degree of opening of the chakras and the degree of light
loading of the acupuncture meridians. Following the application of the technique of balancing the
centers of consciousness for an hour a day, for 4 days and repeated measurements, the total unblocking
of the acupuncture meridians and the increase in the degree of opening of the chraks resulted.


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