The Importance of Personality Development in Caregivers Children, Adults with Disabilities


  • Cecilia Mihaela Olteanu


caregiver personality traits; impairment; family; health


Care can include emotional and social support, help with household tasks, cooking,
shopping, medical care and transportation. Previous studies suggest that the heterogeneity of caregiving
experiences is associated with caregiver personality. There is variability in caregiving experiences, and
not all caregivers are equally at risk of adverse health outcomes. For example, some caregivers feel
more willing and confident in managing caregiving demands and experience less emotional stress and
burden than others. Intensive family care can also mean that the wage carer reduces working hours,
leading to loss. And as we learned above, the emotional consequences of caregiving include depression
as well as anxiety. Depression, not surprisingly, tends to be particularly high in family caregivers. The
authors point out that one of the reasons why personality traits affect health is that these traits strongly
influence caregivers’ perceptions of their ability to successfully manage the daily challenges they face.


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