Autistic Spectrum Disorders – Explanatory Theories, Diagnostic Symptomatology and Prevalence. Case Studies


  • Georgela Țăranu CJRAE Braila


autistic spectrum disorders - ASD: (autism, Kanner type autism/classic/typical infantile autism, Asperger syndrome); diagnosis and prevalence of ASD; symptoms: hypergraphia, spatial hypermnesia


The tremendous incidence of autism worldwide, but also in Romania, raised questions
concerning the etiology, early diagnosis and effective therapeutic intervention. Due to the dramatic
deteriorations induced by autism, it is considered a polyhandicap, in most cases of maximum severity.
The ASD person is assisted for life, the quality and complexity of this support depending on
conjectural social politics. Our range of support services provided (medical, rehabilitation, social) is
not adapted to the special needs of the autistic person and their family. Consequently, academic and
social integration of children/people with ASD is difficult and most often doomed to failure.

Author Biography

Georgela Țăranu, CJRAE Braila



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