The Role of the Ambient and Internal Context in the Process of Memory Functionality Optimization


  • Laura Viorela Kovacs Danubius University of Galați


memory; encoding; updating process; environmental context; context internal-emotional


Purpose of this research is to observe that there is a correlation between the
organization/structuring of information during encoding, the environmental context, the
internal/emotional state of the subject during encoding, and the optimization / improvement of the
memory functionality in the process of updating the information. Considering this premise, the
research aims to observe that if the environmental and internal context existing in the encoding
process is similar to the one existing in the updating process, there will be a beneficial effect on the
efficiency of updating the information, whether presented in an organized, structured manner. The
study aims to demonstrate that the data refresh processes can also be influenced by emotional factors,
in which emotion may enhance memory performance (eg flash memories or state-dependent
learning). The absence of any affectionate or motivational burden always results in superficial and
short-term impress.

Author Biography

Laura Viorela Kovacs, Danubius University of Galați

Student, 3nd year, Faculty of Communication and International Relations, specialization


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