About Anger. Thoughts and Books


  • Andreea Pușcașu Danubius University of Galati


fury; anger; angry; Pistorio; therapy


Blasphemed by many, unwittingly embraced by even more, feared, incomprehensible
emotion. These are the most common perceptions of anger. But if instead of fighting her, if instead of
looking at her as an enemy that turns our lives upside down, would we be able to look at her as an ally?
If we managed to love this part of us as well, to give it a constructive meaning and, last but not least, to
understand it in depth? Should we really take control? If instead of being captive to our own emotion,
we discover a friend who warns us when we are in danger, especially an emotional one? This paper
presents three completely different books that can contribute to your personal development,
understanding this basic emotion and controlling it.

Author Biography

Andreea Pușcașu, Danubius University of Galati

Student, 2nd year, Faculty of Communication and International Relations, Specialization Psychology


Ellis, Albert & Tafrate, Raymond Chip (2017). How to control your anger before it controls you.
Bucharest: Trei.
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Ed. Niculescu.
Potter-Efron, Ronald, T. & Potter-Effron, Patricia, S. (2015). 30-minute therapy for anger management.
Everything you need to know in the shortest possible time. Bucharest: All.




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