Cooperation between Mind, Body and Soul in Healing Trauma


  • Ștefania Ciucur (Frigioiu) Danubius University of Galati


Trauma; psyche; emotions; behaviour; healing


Although theoretically we humans belong to an extremely powerful species, enduring over
time endless wars, natural or man-made disasters, losses, violence and personal betrayals, all these
traumatic experiences have left marks both in history as well as on a personal or family level. At the
same time, these marks permeate our minds and emotions, our ability to enjoy and experience
happiness, and even our immune system and biology. Trauma affects not only those directly involved
but also those around them, who are put under extra pressure, namely to give them their energy and
strength in the desire to help them continue to function, despite the fact that they are overwhelmed by
the memory of the pain and shame of going through those traumas.

Author Biography

Ștefania Ciucur (Frigioiu), Danubius University of Galati

Psychologist, Faculty of Communication and International Relations, specialization: Psychology


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