Hypnotic Regression in the Prenatal and Natal Period

  • Ștefania (Frigioiu) Ciucur Danubius University of Galati
Keywords: lockages; consciousness; hypnosis; behaviour; stress; hormones; emotions; emotional memory; memories; cellular memory; prenatal life; postnatal life


Many of our feelings existed before we were born. We came to this earth with a dowry of emotions and feelings that permeated our body cells and DNA with our first breath and became the pattern of all the beliefs through which we filter our lives throughout it. The beliefs we come up with are the engine that sets us in motion and will attract life situations that will confirm and validate those early beliefs, any future process depending on that fact. Our perceptions were activated in the first moments of life, regardless of the conditions at birth. In the first hours of life, depending on the positive or negative experience, we created the way we see the world today. The feelings we experienced during the birth are the basis of future perceptions. These perceptions were the foundation of our first beliefs that continued to be confirmed as we continued our lives and created the pattern we were guided by, accompanied by the thoughts and feelings generated by that pattern. If we do not become aware that these thoughts and feelings generate blockages that do not allow to be pierced by information that does not correspond to deep-rooted beliefs, we are doomed to live and relive those strong feelings that underlie the beliefs we established in the first hours of life. The wide scope of application of the regressive hypnosis treatment is the chance for cures that seemed, not long ago, to be the realm of the miracle.

Author Biography

Ștefania (Frigioiu) Ciucur, Danubius University of Galati

Graduated Student, Faculty of Communication and International Relations, Specialization Psychology


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