Podcast – towards an inclusive definition


  • Lucian Balanuta Universitatea "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Iasi


Podcast definitions are subject to reevaluation and review due to the development of the medium which gradually impacts the media sphere. The displacement of definitions over the time doesn’t mean an attribute of falsehood attached to them. This paper uses an exploratory approach in order to fill in the gaps of defining the concept of podcast, improving its understanding, through a qualitative review and synthesis of existing research. It also seeks to identify a balance between notions of audio and video content that can fit and harmonize the often-misleading picture of the term, trying to differentiate between notions. In the same vein, this study uses a comparative procedure in an attempt to outline and intersect podcast with radio programs and video associated content, an analysis which is highly necessary in order to provide a fresh definition associated to the podcast term.


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