Focalizer and Narrative Voice in Fatos Kongoli's Prose


  • Veron Dobroshi University of Pristina


: Kongoli; narratology; focalizer; narrative voice; prose


Fatos Kongoli is one of those writers of Albanian literature who became famous with a series of novels published after the 90s. With his prose, Albanian literature is enriched more in the thematic and artistic plan, but also in the narrative plane. This study aims to address some narrative aspects of some representative novels of the author, published after the fall of communism in Albania. The study focuses on two narratological aspects, that of the focalizer and the narrative voice, both of which are present in the novels of this author. The study focuses on the presence of the point of view and narrative voice within the narrative world of the author, whose prose is distinguished for narratives of different events, different characters who narrate different events of a life with different existential and hallucinatory crises. Characters are presented through numerous descriptions in the narrative plane of focalization and narrative voice. In the novels of this author, the forms of the narrative are specific, where many characters speak and we have a plurality of narrative voices, which represent a kind of polyphony in the narrative.Through internal focalization in the narrative, Kongoli presents the inner side of the characters, given that Kongoli's narrative delves into the dark recesses of the individual being, tracing the characters's psychology and childish memory. Focalizer and narrative voice are narrative elements that are present in the novels of this author, so the study aims to delve into these issues and give a clearer picture of the narrative discourse of one of the most important contemporary authors of Albanian literature.

Author Biography

Veron Dobroshi, University of Pristina

Ph.D Candidate, Faculty of Philology, Department of Literature


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