Effects of Human Resource Management on Health Tourism in Thermal Centers in Kosovo Case study: Centre’s of Thermal Tourism in Kosovo


  • Alberta Tahiri University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj
  • Idriz Kovaçi University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj
  • Agim Thaqi University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj
  • Arta Jashari Goga University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj


Human Resource Management, Health tourism, Thermal centres


Proper management of thermal centres through human resource management has enabled
the health tourism in Kosovo to be successful. Through training of staff and human resources,
communication and working climate, job evaluation and employee motivation, we have achieved
positive and satisfying effects on health tourism in Kosovo. This is evidenced by this research, where
we find that the key factors that influence high standards are employee training, evaluation,
communication and motivation. This was accomplished through the participation of a total of 4 thermal
centres in Kosovo, of which there are 12 managers and 75 employees, while the analysis was performed
through SPSS (version 25), and the analysis method was regression. On the basis of the results we see
that proper human resource management leads to overall sustainability and satisfaction of employees
in these enterprises and their performance at work (p value = .000 <1%).


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