Mediterranean Sea Struggle between Turkey and Greece and its Implications for the Existence of NATO and the Way Forward

  • Aziz Ur Rehman Gomal University, MPhil Scholar
  • Zafar Abbas Post-Graduate College, D.I.Khan, Phd. Scholar
Keywords: NATO; Mediterranean Sea; Turkey; Greece


The Mediterranean Sea has been a vital passage since time immemorial. It was the cultural and ideological fault line between empires in eastern and western countries. Contrary to its previous past, the last century saw the peaceful sea. However, Greece and Turkey's recent standstill ruins this ideal time. Turkey's assertive policies to explore gas and oil in the Mediterranean Sea, known as the Blue Homeland approach, have been a significant disruption in the region's status quo. The presence of France, Egypt, and the UAE in the dispute has exacerbated this rivalry. The negotiated conflict settlement is essential; otherwise, NATO's very existence and regional stability are in danger. The author explains the conflict actors' root causes and interests and introduces the potential solution to this conflict and NATO alliance revitalization that could end Russian aggression in the region.


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