Introduction of Schoolchidren to the Culture and History of their Native Land as the Basis of National and Patriotic Education of the Younger Generation


  • Victoria Zvekova Izmail State University of Humanities


patriotism; culture and history of the native land; education


the article analyzes the main aspects of introducing students to the culture and history of their native land using a variety of methods and forms of work, as well as in a number of the most relevant areas. It is noted that the system the integration of various types of children's activities. The conditions, directions, and organizational forms of the school's work on national-patriotic education are considered. Familiarizing children with the history and culture of their native land is the basis for the national-patriotic education of the younger generation, therefore, the teacher needs to choose such methods of work that will cause an emotional response of children and the desire to independently acquire knowledge.


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