The Problem of the Image of a Modern Teacher in Social and Humanitarian Knowledge

  • Victoria Zvekova Izmail State University of Humanities
Keywords: image development; modern teacher; success; organization; methodology


This article discusses the most famous tools and methods of forming and developing the
image of a modern teacher. The image is one of the main elements of management that contributes to
increasing the efficiency of the organization. In addition, it is an instrument of influence on the public
and individual consciousness, which needs constant monitoring. However, the image acts not only as a
means of management, but also as an object of management. Therefore, starting from the moment of
its formation, it is necessary to carry out purposeful continuous work on the image, while taking into
account the characteristics of each target group. All this will help the modern teacher to correctly
formulate and develop their image. After all, image is the key to success of a leader.

Author Biography

Victoria Zvekova, Izmail State University of Humanities

Associate Professor, PhD


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