The Influence of the Bologna Process on Higher Education of the Republic of Moldova

  • Elena Mandaji Cahul State University “B. P. Hasdeu”
Keywords: higher education; Bologna process; reform; quality; labor market


The higher education system in the Republic of Moldova has undergone a far-reaching
transformation since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The higher education system, at the
present time is in a state of active reforms, a turning point, which is, the country's joining of the Bologna
process. The provisions of the Bologna process have become priority areas in the development of the
country. Moldova today must build its system of quality education in accordance with the requirements
of the European Union. It could be simply copy, but it is necessary to take into account the historical
features of the education system development in Moldova and its current preferences. This article
analyses some of the main achievements, challenges and influence of the Bologna Process on the higher
education reform.

Author Biography

Elena Mandaji, Cahul State University “B. P. Hasdeu”

Senior Lecturer, PhD Candidate


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