Bullying and Violence in School Environments


  • Ana-Maria State


aggression; violence; pupils; school; behaviour


Aggression and violence take different forms, starting from aggressive behaviour manifested
either physically or symbolically; aggressive behaviour manifested by the use of physical force; or by
other types of aggressive behaviour, such as name-calling; but all of them ultimately result in injury to
the other. In addition to aggressive behaviour, violent behaviour should also be taken into account:
harassment, teasing, name-calling, mimicking, taunting, threatening, bullying, hitting, physically
pushing the other person. The literature talks about the fact that the phenomenon of aggression takes
the form of bullying and mobbing.In order to combat aggression in the school environment, it is not
enough just to create a relationship between teacher and pupil, but also to create a relationship between
parent and teacher, because the pupil returns to the family environment at the end of the school day,
and the family has the implicit role of being involved in the moral and other education of the
child.Various programmes to prevent and combat aggression and violence in schools have been carried
out in schools under the aegis of various specialist organisations, including that of the Ministry of
Education, and yet these phenomena are increasing at a worrying rate.


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