Between Wanting Children and Being a Parent


  • Ana-Maria State Danubius University of Galati


parent; child; responsibilities; family


In a society where we shout about rights and avoid obligations, where we find loopholes to
evade the written norms, but otherwise the unwritten ones, the question is something normal. Logic
says that when you say that you want children, you should be prepared to accept the parental
responsibilities, both the written ones and, especially, the unwritten ones, because they are much more.
We have many desires and most of the time after we materialize them we forget about them, we have
momentary satisfaction, after which we abandon them, we forget to grow them always looking for
excuses and justifications that we don’t have time, that we are tired, we “care” in the care and
responsibility of someone or only one of the two parents or in certain situations the whole life of the
adults is strictly centered on the children, they becoming the center of their universe, so that family and
couple life end up being unbalanced, etc.

Author Biography

Ana-Maria State, Danubius University of Galati

Student, 3 year, Faculty of Communication and International Relations, Specialization Psychology


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