Why Finding Purpose is so Hard Today


  • Mihai Nistor


purpose; goal; life; comfort; society


Life is an amalgam of events, if we don’t register in these, then we see life only in black and
white. Why are goals important in the first place? For the simple fact that it defines the mission for
which we have taken up from the heavenly world and must carry out (or not) in the material world. The
“sense of purpose” is like a muscle, once trained it causes you happiness without being dependent on
other aspects such as motivation which is temporary. I know depressed people, and their problems were
not necessarily related to the fact that society is hurting them, but to the fact that they are hurting
themselves because they feel that they don’t find their place in life. Having goals detaches us very
loosely from sadness and boredom, because the mind is no longer preoccupied with dissecting the
moments that can provoke cortisol and the mind is much more focused on fulfilling the needs that lead
closer and closer to achieving the goal. Lots of people add the excuse that they need motivation to start
a goal which in my view shouldn’t be relied on so much.





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